Juju White Macrame and Shell - 50cm

Juju White Macrame and Shell - 50cm

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I’ve got this new thing with hats. Nope, not your regualr sun hat either. Lately, I just can’t get enough of Cameroon Juju hats. After seeing them used in many home decorating and reality TV shows, I decided to put one up in my home and now I am on a mission to tell the world about these stylish home accessories.

Originally worn as headdresses during traditional ceremonies by the Bamileke tribes in the Cameroon region of Central Africa, the Juju’s reach has gone global in recent years, with interior designers and savvy amateur decorators alike installing the feathered pieces in the home as eye-catching wall hangings.

Jujus symbolize prosperity, and each one is unique, taking artisan weavers up to three days to complete.

The word “juju” also has a spiritual element rooted in witchcraft in West Africa. We get good juju from doing good deeds (and bad juju from the opposite). And really, who doesn’t want to boost the juju in their home, and beyond?

“Jujus make an exotic focal point and add texture or a pop of color to any wall, from a bedroom to a bathroom. They’re eclectic, without feeling over the top. Too often, handicrafts from abroad can wind up looking ‘theme-y’ in the home, but Juju hats blend as seamlessly into a modern condo as an industrial loft, as a rustic cottage. They’re a good conversation piece and a great way to make a big impact (on a small budget).”

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