About our site

About our site

Bali Homewares is a family owned and operated company, based in Perth’s Northern Suburbs and launched in November  2011 by Natasha Clark.

Our large range of Balinese Homewares include Lamps, Spa Products, Paintings, Cushion Covers,   Placemats and Table runners, Food Trays & Covers, Candle Holders, Buddha Plaques and Statues,  Mirrors, Wood Carvings, Bali Flags,Windchimes, Oil Burners, Ornamental Bird cages, Jewellery, and Candle Holders in fact everything you could possibly need to create Resort Style living in your home.

Being a mother of three children Natasha understood the convenience and fun of home shopping through home hosted parties and the ease and convenience of ‘on-line’ ordering through the internet and out of these needs as a typical mother Natasha has developed Bali Homewares as the company to come to if you want to purchase the emerging trends in Asian style Interior decor via Bali Homewares very own showroom or simply purchase direct from the company over the internet.

By keeping our overheads low Bali Homewares is able to offer a large range of high quality Balinese homewares at importer direct prices. By supporting Bali Homewares you’re also helping to support the wonderful people from Bali as Bali Homewares buys direct from these people so you are helping their economy and helping them earn an income from  the products they export to Australia.

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